What is Tonic?

In our article titled What is tonic, we will also cover the subject of what tonic is for.

We will examine what facial tonic does and what hair tonic does.

Skin tonic is a must for women and men who want a vibrant, healthy, bright and well-groomed skin.

It is one of the most important beauty products that women of all ages should add to their life routine.

You can use natural tonic or you can use ready-made tonic with chemical ingredients.

But you should definitely use it. Because tonic, clean skin is the secret of youth and beauty.

What is Tonic?

What is tonic? If you are curious about tonic, which has an important place for skin care, you should review our content to the end.

Thus, you can have information about the tonic suitable for your skin type.

Tonics are liquid lotions that revitalize the skin, remove all impurities and open the pores.

Especially facial tonics shrink abnormal pores on the skin.

Acne and irregular pores that form on the skin over time are eliminated with the help of tonic.

In addition, it helps to maintain the alkaline and acid balance in the skin. When using skin and face tonics, you should prefer those with rich ingredients. Thus, you will have perfect skin care with a unique skin cleanser.

Since skin tonic is indispensable for the skin, you should definitely use it after washing with soap and similar products.

Thus, you will thoroughly clean the residues left on the skin. This will tighten and nourish your skin and make it look more vibrant and well-groomed.

The biggest mistake made during the use of tonic is using tonic as the first cleansing product. This is among the well-known mistakes.

Because tonic is the last product used. You should use tonic after removing the makeup on your face and washing it with soap. Thus, the effect on your skin will be much more.

Natural Tonic

Rosewater tonic; The most natural tonic known today stands out as rose water made under natural conditions. The use of rose water tonic, which cleanses the skin and tightens the pores, is used by women and men of all ages.

Since it has no side effects on the skin, you can easily use it 7 days a week. In addition, you should know that you can use rosewater tonic when you wake up in the morning or before going to sleep in the evening.

Apple cider vinegar tonic: the benefits of apple cider vinegar are increasing day by day. For this reason, it is also used as a tonic with its skin tightening effects. To use apple cider vinegar as a tonic, you must dilute it.

For this, one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar is mixed with a tea glass of drinking water. Then half a teaspoon of aromatic oil is added.

These oils can be lavender oil, rosehip oil or lemon oil. The prepared mixture is applied to the skin in the morning and evening. You can use it without thinking because it is suitable for all skin types.

Apart from rose water tonic or apple cider vinegar tonic, you can make aloe vera tonic, lavender tonic, thyme tonic. You can also use chamomile tonic and cucumber tonic.

Do not forget to moisturize the skin after tonic use! If you are going to use a chemical tonic, you should definitely choose the one suitable for your skin type. So you can get more effective results.

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