What is Skin Undertone? How to Find It?

What is Skin Undertone? How to Find It? Recently, our e-mails have been receiving questions from our visitors. One of the most frequently asked questions is what is skin undertone? and how to find skin undertone? We have created a great article for you to show you what skin undertone is and how to find it.

First of all, I would like to give you information about what skin undertone is. I would like to explain this topic under a separate heading.

What is Skin Undertone?

Skin undertone is the tone of your skin without makeup to make your skin look more vibrant, healthier and even more beautiful during makeup. If you know the undertone of your skin, you can better choose the makeup you wear, the clothes you wear, your hair color and make yourself look more beautiful to your surroundings.

For this reason, knowing your skin undertone will help you choose more suitable colors for yourself and at the same time which colors you should not choose.

How to Find Skin Undertone?

There are several methods to find your skin undertone. Among these methods, finding skin undertone with vein test, finding skin undertone with gold, finding skin undertone with paper are a few of them. So how to find the skin undertone? If you ask how to find my skin undertone with these methods, let’s explain.

Finding Skin Undertone with Vein Test

With a flashlight or in a well-lit environment, turn your wrists towards the point where the light is coming from. As a result of your observation, if your vein color is close to green tones, you have a warm undertone, if your veins are close to blue tones, you have a cool undertone, if your vein color is not close to either of these two tones and is a different tone or if you cannot comment on the vein color, you most likely have a neutral undertone. You will get clear and real results of the light test more clearly in sunlight.

Finding Skin Undertone with Gold or Silver Test

You can find your skin undertone with gold or silver. To do this, put a gold ring on your finger in a lighted environment. If your skin looks healthy and glowing, wear a warm ring, if it looks healthier and more vibrant when you wear silver, wear a cool ring, then wear the silver ring on one hand and the gold ring on the other. If you still don’t look healthy or vibrant, you have a neutral undertone.

Finding Skin Undertone with the White Paper Test

To find your skin undertone with white paper, first wash your skin with cold water. Cold water clarifies the veins under the skin and makes your skin tone clearer. While in front of the mirror, bring a white paper closer to your face. If your skin looks yellowish or reddish next to the white paper, your skin undertone is warm, if your face looks pinkish, you have a cool undertone. If you still cannot determine a result after applying these methods and there is no color that matches these colors, your skin tone is neutral.

If you cannot determine your skin undertone with these methods, you have a neutral undertone. Neutral undertone is a tone between two tones.

What Does Skin Undertone Do?

It is really important to know your skin undertone. Otherwise, the colors you use in the makeup you will make are incompatible with your skin, as a result, you will show yourself unhealthy and pale. Sometimes while walking on the road, girls look sick, flu and pale as a result of their makeup. The reasons for these are makeup mistakes made without knowing the skin undertone.

Knowing your skin undertone also helps you with clothing. For example, you can determine the colors of the clothes you will wear according to your skin undertone. This is all I can tell you about skin undertone. I hope it has been a useful article for you.

Types of Skin Undertones

The skin undertone is not related to whether you are brunette, blonde or auburn. Skin undertone types are divided into three. Warm (warm undertone), cool (cold undertone), neutral undertone. In short, a brunette can have a warm or cool undertone. For this reason, a few methods are used to determine your skin undertone.

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