What is Permanent Lip Makeup How to Make Permanent Lip Makeup Damages

What is permanent lip makeup, how is it done and what are the damages? In other words, permanent makeup lip coloring is among the most curious topics of women recently. Lip makeup is among the makeup techniques that women pay the most attention to.

Before having permanent lip makeup, we would say to examine the topics of what is permanent lip makeup and how to remove permanent lip makeup. In addition, we will see the answer to the question of whether there are any damages to women’s permanent lip makeup with permanent lip makeup paints.

What is Permanent Lip Makeup How to Make Permanent Lip Makeup Damages
What is lip coloring permanent makeup? It is the coloring of lips, especially pale and shriveled lips, with special makeup technique and paint. In other words, it is a make-up technique made with special permanent make-up paint that makes the lips look constantly vibrant and well-groomed.

With permanent lip makeup, which is among the most beautiful lip makeup, lips look fuller, younger and more vibrant. In addition to all these with special lip coloring, lips look healthier and more vibrant in their natural color.

When is Permanent Lip Makeup Necessary?
With the advancement of age, lips lose their vitality and plump appearance. After the age of 25, the problems that occur on the lips increase even more with age.

You can consider permanent makeup, also known as lip drawing makeup, to prevent all these and to make the lips look full and healthy all the time.


How to Make Permanent Lip Makeup?

How is lip coloring done? With the developing technology, it is ensured that the natural lip color of the person remains permanently in lip coloring with permanent makeup technique.

Today, many make-ups help you to make an effective and correct decision about what color you want other than natural lip color.

Those who want to keep their natural lip color before permanent lip make-up should definitely state this to the specialist. Thus, permanent lip coloring is done more accurately, either natural or in a different color.

Is Lipstick Applied After Lip Tinting?
Permanent lip makeup or permanent lip coloring is done on the entire lip, inside the lip or in the form of lip contouring.

For this reason, you should ask how long you should not use lipstick where you have this procedure done. Because lipstick is not used for a while in permanent lip coloring.


Reviews of Those Who Have Permanent Lip Makeup

There are points to be considered after lip coloring. The comments of those who have lip tinting are almost compatible with expert recommendations.

Water should not touch the lips for the first 3-4 days. When liquid is to be consumed, a straw must be used.

Herpes cream is recommended before the operation and herpes cream is recommended for three to four days after the operation. Because it is stated that those who carry the herpes virus in their body know that it covers the entire lip.

Hard movements with the lip should be avoided for at least 10 days (such as balloon inflation, kissing).

After permanent lip makeup, the cream recommended by the specialist should be used regularly. Many experts recommend vitamin E-containing cream, vaseline and similar creams. The important detail here is to never dry the lips and keep them constantly moisturized.

If the swelling seen after lip coloring permanent lip makeup, what is to calm it with a cold compress.


How Long Does Permanent Lip Makeup Stay on the Lips?

Lip coloring is a procedure performed with tattoo technique. However, the difference with tattooing is that it only stays on the upper layers of the skin.

Due to this feature, its permanence varies between 1 and 3 years. The permanence of lip coloring varies according to regular lip care and permanent makeup lip coloring.

Apart from all these, the lip structure and the shape of the process cause the duration to vary. Permanent lip make-up, which lasts an average of 1.5 hours, can be used by people who want to make their lips look vibrant and full all the time.


Permanent Lip Makeup Damages

When it is done by experts, no harm has been seen. However, some problems were seen in some people with sensitive skin. Such as blistering, skin cracking, local infection… In addition, it has been observed that some traces remain after permanent makeup removal.

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