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What is eyelash perm and how is it done?

In our article titled What is eyelash perm and how to do it, we will give information about permanent eyelash perm. We will also look at what is the difference between eyelash lifting and eyelash perm. Reviews of those who have eyelash perms We will also see the answer to the question of how to do eyelash perms at home.

Many people are looking for an answer to the question of whether eyelash perm will shed eyelashes before having eyelash perm. Let’s see the answers to these questions together.

What is eyelash perm and how is it done?
In fact, both eyelash perm and eyelash lifting are eyelash curling. When it comes to eyelash lifting, it should come to mind that the eyelashes look more voluminous and more lifted.

In an eyelash perm, the eyelashes look more curled. The procedure for both is almost the same. Only the materials used are different.


How Long Does Eyelash Perming Take?


The procedure takes an average of 1 hour. However, it has also been observed that it takes 5-10 minutes shorter due to variables such as the dexterity of the person performing it and eyelash density.

The most difficult to shape hairs in the human body are eyelashes. Women give their eyelashes the shape they want by having eyelash lifting or eyelash highlighting.

Do you want to make your gaze more effective with more lifted and curled eyelashes? then you should try eyelash perm or eyelash lifting.


How to Perm Eyelashes?

The procedures performed in the hairdresser and the eyelash perm procedures performed at home are almost the same. Especially people with extremely sparse and flat eyelashes should have it done. Because such eyelashes are normally much more difficult to shape. However, you can have curved and curled eyelashes with eyelash perm or lifting.

Eyelashes should be clean and dry before eyelash perming.
There should not be any makeup residue on the eyelashes.
First, the eyes are protected with an eye pad and then the eyelash care is done carefully. (keratin eyelash care)
After keratin eyelash care, the eyelashes are allowed to dry completely for 15 minutes.
Considering your eye structure and eyelash structure, the most suitable eyelash for you is wrapped around this information.
Your eyelashes are glued on this cat and eyelash solution is applied.
During the waiting period, the stretch is closed to prevent contact of the eyelashes with air and to make the result more effective.
In this way, 2 solutions are applied to the eyelashes.
After strengthening the eyelash roots, it is waited. At the end of this waiting period, it becomes more curled.


Comment; Eyelash Perms

In fact, the details that should be done before eyelash perm or lifting should be investigated.
There should be no makeup on the eye.
Those with lenses should remove them before the procedure.
It should be done 10 days before or 10 days after menstruation.
If you have sensitive skin or eye structure, you should consult a physician first.
Water should be changed for at least 24 hours after the procedure.
Finally, you should not forget to use the most suitable nourishing cream for your eyelashes after eyelash perm.

Does Eyelash Perming Shed Eyelashes?

Today, many people regularly have eyelash perms. Depending on the person’s own eyelash structure, some people never shed while others shed.

For this, you should definitely consult a cosmetologist before having an eyelash perm.

How Permanent is Eyelash Perm?

The duration varies according to the eyelash structure of the person and the effect of the procedure on the eyelashes. However, it lasts for an average of 1.5-2 months.

How Should Eyelash Perming Be Done at Home?

Eyelash perm, which is the process of gluing eyelashes to eyelash curlers, applying solution on it and waiting, is also done at home.

Especially those who buy eyelash perm kit and those who have seen this process done before do it at home.

However, it is known that the solutions used during the curling process contain chemical content. For this reason, it would be more correct to be done by experts.

Difference Between Eyelash Perming And Eyelash Lifting
Eyelash perm materials: The solution applied to the eyelashes, i.e. the eyelash perm medicine, is almost the same as the medicines used in hair. In addition, standard bugidis are used in eyelash perm.

Finally, the eyelash perm is also intended to curl the eyelashes excessively.

Eyelash lifting materials: The materials used vary according to the eye structure and eyelid size of the person. Personalized selections are made from S, M, L sized eyes.

During eyelash lifting, materials containing protein, collagen, argan oil and vitamins are used. Therefore, the risk of allergy is very low.

During eyelash lifting, it is aimed to pull and curl the folds in the structure of the eyelash.

Eyelash Perm Prices
Prices vary from region to region, according to the material used, eyelash structure and workmanship. Average eyelash lifting prices are between 50-200 dollars. Eyelash perm prices vary between 70-250 dollars on average.

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