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What Causes Eyebrow Loss? Is it Easy to Treat?

Why does eyebrow loss occur? Which diseases does eyebrow loss indicate? How do eyebrows grow back? How many days does it take to grow eyebrows? We will see the answers to questions such as is eyebrow loss normal. In fact, the question of whether there is a connection between eyebrow loss and eyebrow resentment also comes to mind. Research shows that people who say that eyebrows are falling out cause deterioration in the quality of life. Because eyebrows play an important role in fulfilling the physiological functions of the eyes. Therefore, the causes of eyebrow loss should be investigated and appropriate treatment should be performed..

By reading the content to the end, you can learn the answers to questions such as what is good for eyebrow loss, how many eyebrows fall out per day.

Why Does Eyebrow Loss Occur?

In fact, the popularly known eyebrow resentment is a precursor to eyebrow loss. Because eyebrows are the tissue that works against microorganisms with secretions such as oil and sweat around the eyes. For this reason, eyebrow loss occurs due to some health problems or environmental factors or mistakes made.

In fact, eyebrow loss manifests itself in the form of eyebrow resentment in the first place. The eyebrows first become thinner, sparse, sulk and fall out.

Eyebrow loss can be seen in a single eyebrow or in two eyebrows. It is even common in the form of eyebrow eyelash loss. Therefore, the causes of eyebrow loss should be followed. Is this eyebrow loss normal? How many eyebrows fall out per day?

Why does the eyebrow fall out?

There are many different symptoms among the causes of eyebrow hair loss. Women or men should first review these symptoms. Then, as soon as they sense a worrying situation, they should go to a specialist.

Advancing age: Aging of the person is among the causes of eyebrow loss. Because with the progression of the advance, the elasticity and renewal feature of the tissues is interrupted. The accompanying hormonal changes cause eyebrow loss.

Thyroid problems: In case of hypothyroidism in people, eyebrow, eyelash and hair loss is observed.

Chemicals: many people make important mistakes during eyebrow plucking. Too frequent eyebrow plucking, i.e. playing with the eyebrows frequently, causes eyebrow resentment. This leads to eyebrow loss.

In addition, intense makeup applied to the area around the eyebrow and the eyebrows damages the roots. This causes thinning and loss of eyebrows over time.

Eyebrow loss during pregnancy:

There are changes in the hormone system and the body during pregnancy. As a result of these changes, it is seen that disruptions occur in some parts of the body and hormones. As a result, thinning and loss of eyebrows, eyelashes and hair is observed.


Nutrition is of great importance in all aspects of life. The body needs to get enough vitamins and minerals. Especially zinc, vitamin A, biotin and iron deficiency is seen. Accordingly, hair, eyebrow and eyelash loss occurs.

Do skin diseases cause eyebrow loss?

Yes, it does. Especially skin diseases that damage the coastal follicles in the eyebrow cause this. For example, seborrheic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and alopecia areata… These diseases that cause involvement in certain areas of the skin cause eyebrow loss.

Does anxiety and stress cause eyebrow loss?

Anxiety disorder due to intense stress in people will disrupt the physiological functioning in the body.This causes califollicles to be negatively affected in many people.As a result, hair, eyelash and eyebrow loss occurs.My eyebrows are falling out, should I worry?
Actually, eyebrow loss happens to a certain extent in everyone on a daily basis.However, there are situations that should be of concern. The symptoms that accompany eyebrow loss will guide you.

In which cases should you consult a doctor?

Eczema on the eyebrows
Shedding and dryness of the skin at the base of the eyebrows
Severe hypersensitivity and watery rednessSudden discoloration of the skin.For example, intermittent white plaques or darkening of the skin
Purulent discharge at the base of the eyebrows
Eyebrows plucking from the bottom or breaking off in the middle
Excessive oiliness, excessive redness and rash. In such cases, a dermatologist should be consulted.

How to Treat Eyebrow Loss?

After investigating the causes of eyebrow loss, appropriate treatment should be started. In fact, if there is no underlying pathological problem, eyebrows can be strengthened naturally at home.

Aloe vera oil, olive oil, castor oil, sesame oil are used for natural eyebrow strengthening and eyebrow thickening.

These oils are applied by massaging the eyebrows in the morning and evening. If there is no change after a month of regular application, medical treatment should be started.

We have emphasized the importance of nutrition above. In the treatment of eyebrow loss, the use of vitamins and minerals to support eyebrow production is beneficial. In particular, supplements containing vitamin A, iron, zinc and omega fatty acids should be taken.

Eyebrow transplantation is performed in the eyebrow loss problem where no treatment gives results.It is performed by transplanting the scalp to the area where the eyebrows are shed.

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