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Tricks of Night Makeup


Tricks of Night Makeup; Many women who want to have a well-groomed and beautiful appearance prefer to complete their day and night looks with makeup applications. Makeup applications made using the right shades help to take every style and combination to the next level.

However, the area of use of makeup must be taken into consideration when applying makeup. Not every makeup style is suitable for every environment. Makeup that complements a simple daily elegance should not be the same as makeup for a night out. The most important differences between night make-up and day make-up are that darker tones are generally preferred in night make-up, more precise contours are used and especially eye make-up is more prominent.

Night makeup requires more care and attention than daytime makeup, and there are some points to be considered in order to achieve the desired look. 

Choose Quality and Right Products

One of the most important features of a good eye makeup is that it can maintain its permanence for a long time. For this, quality and the right products should be preferred in makeup applications. Otherwise, an unpleasant appearance may be encountered as a result of the makeup dispersing, deteriorating or flowing.

Using a makeup base is an effective solution to make makeup last longer. A good makeup base creates a smooth texture on the skin. It makes the makeup application look better and last for longer hours.

Another alternative is to spray makeup fixing spray on the face from a suitable distance after the makeup application is completed. 

Tricks of Night Makeup

Achieve Balance in Night Makeup

To achieve a glamorous night makeup look, focus on one area of your face. If you prefer a dramatic or daring makeup application on your eyes, keep the rest of your makeup simple and strike a balance.

In fact, one of the most important tricks of night makeup is to prefer dark makeup either on the eyes or on the lips.

Harness the Power of Contouring


It is possible to say that contour applications, which give very good results when applied correctly, have been the rising trend of both day and night makeup in recent years. Eye-catching differences can be created with small touches on the face using the contour technique.

In order to achieve the desired effect with contour application, the first step is to apply a foundation suitable for skin color evenly on all parts of the face. Contouring can then be applied by applying bronzing powder to the upper part of the forehead, chin and the parts from the cheeks to the lips. A nice look can be achieved by applying illuminator on the nose, at the end of the eyebrows and at the junction points with the cheekbones.

Don’t Be Afraid to Add Glitter to Your Makeup


Applying a shimmery powder on the cheekbones provides an impressive look. Rather than applying glittery eyeshadows all over the eyelid, using glittery eyeshadows with a smoke effect is ideal for an assertive and flashy look. Applying an illuminator to add a slight shine to the eye sockets is often preferred to have an impressive look.

In addition, more than one layer of mascara should be applied to the eyelashes in night eye makeup. The mascara chosen should not cause the eyelashes to stick together, should not clump and should give the eyelashes a plump appearance.

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