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How to Cleanse the Skin

How should skin cleansing be done? Problematic skin cleansing, oily skin cleansing and dry and sensitive skin cleansing and care are of great importance. In fact, when daily skin cleansing is done naturally, in-depth skin cleansing is achieved naturally.

In fact, having or doing regular skin cleansing is important not only for aesthetics but also for health. Because taking care of the care and cleanliness of the skin is important in terms of preventing wrinkles and deformations that occur with age.

How should skin cleansing be done?
Factors such as smoking, alcohol, UV rays, stress, weather change on the skin that is not cleaned and cared for wear out quickly. This makes you look tired and pale even if your age is young.

The brightness, vitality and vitality of the skin is the most important indicator of health. For this reason, it is very important to have skin cleansing and protective skin care in your 20s. Before skin cleansing, you need to learn your skin type and use appropriate products.


Things to Consider for Daily Skin Cleansing

The skin should not be rubbed while cleaning the skin. It should be cleaned with circular movements as if massaging and washed with warm water.

We need to pay attention to the towels you use while rinsing the face. Especially when towels are damp, they contain bacteria. This causes acne formation. For this reason, it is healthier to dry the skin like a tampon with towel papers.

After cleansing the skin, a tonic suitable for the skin type should be used. Cleaning the skin with gels alone is not enough.

After the makeup, oil and dirt on the skin are dissolved with gels, the residues on the skin should be cleaned with tonic. The skin that is completely cleaned with tonic should be washed and rinsed again. Because the residues left on the skin cause the pores to enlarge. The best way to clean this is tonic.

Separate products should be used for makeup cleaning around the eyes. These products should be cleaned with gentle movements without damaging the eyelashes and eyes.

Use makeup removers with different materials. Wash cream cleansers with cotton, milk cleansers with sponge and soap cleansers with plenty of water.

Always apply steam before skin cleansing. In this way, your next cleansing process will be more effective and easier.

Always apply moisturizer on cleansed skin. No matter what your skin type is, it needs moisturizing.

How to Deep Cleanse Your Skin?

Prefer to use quality makeup products
Drink at least 2 liters of water a day
Avoid excessive sunbathing
Do not smoke
Moisturize your skin every day
Exfoliate once a week
Do not stay in air-conditioned environments for long periods of time
Do not squeeze comedones and pimples unconsciously
You should accelerate blood circulation by moving the ice mold kept in the refrigerator on your skin every three days.

Cleanse Skin with Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar used for skin cleansing is one of the most effective natural skin cleansing methods. We recommend using apple cider vinegar especially for deep skin cleansing at home.

After washing your face with warm water, the skin should be cleaned with the help of cotton after diluting the organic apple cider vinegar with one-to-one water. Clean especially pimply and oily places with apple cider vinegar.

Cleanse Skin with Dalin

Dalin, which is used in hair cleaning, is also used in skin cleaning. It will be enough to wash your face with dalin daily to clean the pores.

Skin Cleansing with Soap

You can cleanse your skin daily by using soap suitable for your skin type. For sensitive skin cleansing, we recommend that you use soap suitable for your skin type.

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