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How to Apply Eyeliner?

How to Apply Eyeliner? When it comes to eye makeup, many people think of eyeliner. Eyeliner is one of the makeup materials that take eye makeup to the next level. Of course, we should not forget this: Eyeliner must be drawn correctly to achieve the desired beautiful look.

Among the eyeliner models produced in different forms, it is necessary to choose the product suitable for usage habits and the desired result. This is an extremely important step.

Eyeliner Types


The fact that there are different types of eyeliner, which is indispensable for eye makeup, allows users to choose among products suitable for their own usage habits, needs and tastes.

One of the most preferred eyeliner types is the pencil eyeliner, which provides a more comfortable experience, especially for those who will use eyeliner for the first time. Since it has a hard and pointed pencil tip, the user has more control over the pencil eyeliner. The tip of the dipliner is slightly thicker than the pencil eyeliner.

The tip of the liquid eyeliner is very thin and flexible. Although it is ideal for those who want to make a tail, it will be a little more difficult to use than other types of eyeliner. To apply eyeliner in gel or cream form, you should use an eyeliner brush with a curved or cut tip.

Regardless of the type of eyeliner you prefer, you can find eyeliner models produced by the highest quality brands at Gratis with the best price advantage.

What are Eyeliner Application Techniques?


Eyeliner is applied by starting from the base of the eyelashes and ending with the tail, which looks like a thin strip, or by starting from the tail. Especially when starting by drawing a tail, the eyelid should not be stretched by hand. Because the effect of the tail made on taut skin disappears when the skin is left.

When applying eyeliner, a thin line is first drawn at the base of the eyelashes. Then this line is thickened as desired. Putting a point where the tail is desired to end and drawing a line at the end of the point will ensure a comfortable application. When the line tip is combined with the previously drawn eyeliner tip, a great look can be obtained.


Eyeliner Drawing Techniques According to Eye Type


How to Apply Eyeliner? When it comes to eye makeup, many people think of eyeliner. Eyeliner is the makeup that takes eye makeup to the next level. In order to achieve the desired look by using eyeliner, one of the best complements of eye makeup, care should be taken to apply eyeliner suitable for the eye type.

Since eyeliner is an application that makes the eyes look small, people with big eyes can apply eyeliner as thick as they wish on their upper and lower eyelashes.

To make small eyes look bigger than they are, it is recommended to draw a half eyeliner that concentrates outwards and apply eyeliner to the lower eyelashes. Thus, almond eye shape is obtained.

The most difficult eye type to apply eyeliner is the one with low eyelids. People with this eye type need to draw very thin and tailless eyeliner due to the excess skin falling on the eyelid. For the best look in almond eyes, it is necessary to draw a tailless eyeliner starting from the inner side of the eye to the outer side. In this way, the almond eye shape that everyone wants to achieve is emphasized.

People with round eyes can apply the thickness they want by drawing lines of equal thickness on the lower and upper eyelash bases. In this way, you can make their eyes look bigger than they are. People with thin long eyes should start thinly from the inner side of the eye and thicken outwards. To get a wider look, you can draw half eyeliner on the bottom of the lower eyelashes.

In cases where the eyes are very close to each other, applying eyeliner towards the outside of the eyes gives the eyes a more separated appearance. In cases where the eyes are far from each other, it is necessary to draw attention to the inner side of the eye with an eyeliner application starting from the eye fountains. Eyeliner with a tail that will draw attention to the outer corners of the eyes should not be preferred.

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