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How Should Night Makeup Be Applied?

How should night makeup be applied? Today, black night makeup and light night makeup are used in addition to natural night makeup and glitter night makeup. Night makeup materials are indispensable for women on special occasions.

It will be enough for women who want to look beautiful enough to make everyone admire themselves in the environment they enter, to apply a stylish night make-up. It is very important to make makeup suitable for the combination used and the destination. Makeup applied after clothes, shoes and hair should create a whole.

How Should Night Makeup Be Done?

First, the skin should be thoroughly washed and cleaned, then dried.

Another issue as important as skin cleansing is moisturizing the skin. It is possible to do this with the care masks or creams you have used on the skin in normal times.

A concealer in a suitable tone should be applied to the skin and distributed well. Then, foundation in appropriate shades should be used to cover the imperfections on the skin more beautifully and to keep the concealer more fixed on our skin. Immediately afterwards, powder in appropriate shades should be used.

Eyebrows should be shaded with eyebrow powder to make your eyebrows look more eye-catching. Using eyebrow pencil makes eyebrows look artificial. Therefore, eyebrow powders are more recommended.

When choosing headlights, care should be taken to use more assertive colors suitable for the dress you will wear. However, when choosing the assertive color, very light colors or very dark colors should not be chosen.

You should try to find the middle. Shading should be done with one or two tones darker than the selected shadow color. Using contrasting colors will create more striking eyes. Therefore, it is more recommended to use contrasting colors.

There is absolutely no stylish night makeup without eyeliner. Therefore, eyeliner should be used in a thin line.

How to Make Night Eye Makeup?

A suitable color eyeliner is chosen for your eyes. But black eyeliner is more recommended. Because black is a color that goes with everything. Using a colored eyeliner while applying an exaggerated night make-up will not create a pleasant image.

You can also use shimmery colors on the eyes. In fact, intense shadows or light shadows are also applied on the eyes.

There is absolutely no stylish night makeup without eyeliner. Therefore, eyeliner should be used in a thin line.

Then you can move on to applying mascara. Applying a double layer of mascara will always give you more striking and more assertive eyelashes. Therefore, double layer mascara should be used.

If a brighter and healthier skin is desired, illuminator should be used especially on the cheekbones. However, overused illuminator creates a skin that looks oily. Therefore, the use of illuminator should be very minimal.

Cheeks should be colored with the help of a brush using a blush in a color suitable for our face.

Lipstick in a suitable color or a striking color should be selected and applied carefully without overflowing. If bright lips are desired, gloss should be used on top of the lipstick. But an elegant night make-up will always look more striking with matte lips.

Finally, the lip line should be determined with a lip liner. This should be done especially after applying lipstick. Because lipstick does not leave a round line on the lip after it is erased.

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